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Swaddlebee EmotiBee Grey with Pink Thread

Swaddlebee EmotiBee Grey with Pink Thread

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The EmotiBee is the self regulation tool you need with the fabric you've come to love.

The EmotiBee teaches children to name and identify the four core emotions: happy, sad, scared and angry. The mirror helps children recognize emotional expressions on themselves and people around them, which is the foundation for empathy. The calm icon teaches deep breathing which helps children learn self regulation and composure. The pocket for the family photo is there so children can carry a reminder that they are loved, supported and that someone believes they can handle each moment.

Most important of all, we hope you remember that all of these powerful skills are best taught in moments of calm through connection and play.

EmotiBee Care:
Mirror production took the longest amount of time until we found the perfect mirror that didn't distort the face but also is safe and not too fragile. Our responsibility was to have the mirror CPSC safe certified which it is. It has been drop tested and should not break easily. Customers responsibility is to treat the EmotiBee with care as you would with any mirror. It can not handle being sat on or intentionally cracked out of anger. So be sure to treat it with care and not give it to your child when they are angry. Talk to your children about it being fragile. Unfortunately if it breaks we can not replace it. If the item arrives broken which can happen to due post office mistreatment then we will obviously replace it.

Size: 12.5×16inch

Each EmotiBee comes gift wrapped with an instructions card and a note for the child using it as a gift note.

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A product by @alayabcoaching , Alaya By Swaddle Bee

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