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Petite Laure

Solid Bamboo Swaddle

Solid Bamboo Swaddle

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Thanks to the unique properties of bamboo SWADDLES by PETITE LAURE has a wide range of uses: a cocoon for the youngest – a newborn feels safe in a cocoon, it calms down and sleeps better; on hot days – a blanket, a pram sun cover - thanks to its temperature regulation properties, in a heat wave the bamboo fabric keeps the temperature 2 degrees lower from the surroundings.

Made of 100% ORGANIC BAMBOO ( the fabric made in Poland, the fiber came from organic plantation in India) , divinely soft, snuggles the baby’s body, prevents overheating and sweating, recommended in the case of atopic eczema. On cooler days it can be used as a bottom sheet – the baby’s skin will appreciate the health properties of bamboo fabric, giving it calm, strong sleep.
Moreover, it is difficult not to mention the most important properties of bamboo:
3 x A: antibacterial, antifungal, antiallergenic free from pesticides and contaminants
water absorption 60% higher than that of cotton
self-sterilising (fabric self-sterilises in 30%, which provides the feeling of freshness)
neutralisation of unpleasant smells (it absorbs unpleasant smells and releases them only when washed in water)
fully biodegradable
Washing recommended before first use. With each wash the swaddle blanket becomes even more
Fabric dyes are user- and environment-friendly, which is confirmed by the OEKO-TEX Standard
100 certificate.

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