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SwaddleBee Forest Green MegaBee Minky Throw Blanket

SwaddleBee Forest Green MegaBee Minky Throw Blanket

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Queen Bee throw blanket is perfect for large beds and snuggling up. Suitable for sharing, but you may not want to!

The feel is buttery soft on both sides so that the "magic" material is all over.

The fabric is a thin smooth fabric that is mostly one directional (meaning it's not "hairy") and is very helpful for sensory children and adults. Its definitely warm but not warm enough to replace a winter blanket. It's used as a year round fabric and many use it in the summer as well as indoors.

4 yrs old to adults.

Size: 60 x 80”

WASH WITH LIQUID DETERGENT ONLY AND WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND LAUNDRY SOFTENER. Some customers seem to have had an issue using the dryer with this item. Although they test dryer safe and in 3 years only recently we had a few that mentioned their dryer burned some spots, we recommend to hang dry.

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